Pigeon Frame | Pigeon, a digital photo frame built for today's technology
Pigeon, a brilliant digital photo sharing device. Take a picture on your mobile and with one click it will show up in minutes on Grandma's Pigeon picture frame whether she lives around the block or in another time zone.
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The Frame

One-Touch Sharing

Our Pigeon digital photo frames are built using state-of-the-art technology but are still simple to use.

 “Tyke” – The first Pigeon picture frame includes the following features:

Simple Set Up

Pigeon picture frames are ready to go out of the box, simply enter the password to your wireless system.

WiFi Pigeon

Pigeons are outfitted with the latest Wi-Fi technology which allows contributors’ photos and videos to be automatically synced with a Pigeon Picture Frame from anywhere in the world.

Double Watt Speakers

Hear those first words being spoken, the sweet sound of baby laughter or happy tunes anytime.

App Enabled

Contributors to the Pigeon picture frame use the Pigeon App, which is the secret handshake to allow automatic transfer and display of contributors’ photos and videos to the linked Pigeon Picture Frame.

Motion Sensor

Part conservation, part safety and part cool. The Pigeon’s motion sensor makes sure that it's on when you're there and off when you're not.

Flock Friendly

Using the simple Pigeon App, one Pigeon picture frame can have multiple contributors letting different family members send their memories to the same frame, anytime.